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The First Date

«Moskovskiy Komzomolets» on Amur,
No. 21 from May, 23—30, 2002.

Inga Titova, whose works are in private collections of Russia and even Germany, represents the rarest world, drawn on fabric. Female images shroud in heat and light soul, magically draw a sight. Lots of shades of pains fancifully plastic curls installs pleasure in every secret part of the heart. «Andromeda», «Flora», «Acedora»…


The names of the works of the collection «The First Dates» transfer grace and greatness, vulnerability and authoritativeness of nature of the seductresses «dissolved» in silk simultaneously. «Awakening» is full of pensiveness and lyricism… It’s easy to recognize the artist in the features of the represented personages: dark blue bottomless lakes of eyes on the cloths are the eyes of Inga herself. And, of course, the meeting with art becomes the first date.. It’s possible to plunge into the secret of play of light, colour and fabric, keeping inside a part of the artist’s soul, only by visiting Inga’s first personal exhibition, opened in the art saloon of the Amur Fair.

Oksana Minyaeva



Date at Dark Blue Eyes

«Amurskaya Pravda», No. 136 from May, 22, 2002.

Her eyes are a whirlpool. Dark blue, bottomless, dragging away they are, it’s easy to think and to be lost inside them. Since the first minutes of acquaintance and for ever: Today at the Amur Fair the first personal exhibition of the artist Inga Titova opens. «The First Dates» — so she named her works.


batik are the pictures written on silk, — a trend, which is rather rare, and for us it’s almost exotic.

Inga’s works bewitch by lyricism, carefully picked up color scale. There appears some shrill female vulnerability. The artist doesn’t agree to the opinion, that «silk is cold».

— It’s warm, and in China silk even treats.

Probably, her works become very vital due to this attitude of life. If you come for the first date with Inga Titova, you are sure to have your souls warmed, your hearts will start from beauty, and your desire to live will simply tremble. We have tested it on ourselves.

Alexander Yaroshenko



«Uyutnyi dom», No.5 from May, 30, 2002.

It’s impossible to pass by her expositions and remain indifferent. Something light, graceful and unique iridescent enters you from the first sight at these works. And you stand captivated in front of the triptych «Andromeda». The legend comes in life on a light transparent cloth. Unusual plastic, grace, decorative effect of details create sensation of unity, fantasy and reality. At first sight it seems,


that the proportions are broken, but attentively peering in the works, you can see exact outlines expressed in movements. And as it seems to me, it’s one of the main peculiarities of the young artist. Not every artist is able to transfer flight, as Inga could do in the third part of the triptych «Andromeda».

The tragic destiny of the real personage is vividly revealed in the triptych «Acedora». Violence of paints, precipitancy and grace of movements, lightness and spirituality — all this transfers a vigorous life of Acedora, filled with sense. And the middle part is a sharp contrast to the first two ones. We see tragic loneliness and hopelessness in the instinctively lowered shoulders, stiffened figure and we are sure of the artist’s great talent, who managed to depict the psychological condition of the heroine.

And next to these works there are pictures «Awakening» and «Flora» filled with joyful sensations of nature and triumph of life. The same lightness and grace are combined here with expressiveness of a sight and alive, direct perception of the actual reality. The young heroine of the cloth «Awakening» is full of spiritualized, elevated belief, ready to disclose her rich internal essence, and the open sight, the free gesture of the hand, embodied in the picture «Flora» as it speak: «Look, how beautiful I am. I carry all this for you, do not destroy me».

Bewitched, I stop in front of image of a young naive girl. Her sight, full of anxiety, hope, inexplicable fear, speaks for the rich inner world of the heroine. She is in the flight of dream of elevated long love. it seems to me, this is Inga Titova herself, who creates an unusual miracle and hopes for recognition and love of admirers of her talent.
Inga’s technique is unfamiliar for me; I meet her works for the first time. But this meeting amazed me. I understood, that the batik was a high art accessible not for everyone. I’m glad, that Inga lives in our town and she will surprise us by her new works. Have a great flight, lovely Inga!

L. Baranova.


Flying wings of batik

«Komzomolskaya Pravda in Priamurie», from May,
24, 2002.

At the opening of the exhibition Inga was very worried and constantly touched made by herself silk batik neck scarf. It was her first personal exhibition, though Inga’s works had been exhibited many times in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, St. Petersburg, Kornvestime (Germany) and, of course, in Blagoveschensk. In 2000 Inga Titova had become a winner of the competition «Magic of Fashion»,


and in 2001 at «Magic of Fashion» her non-competitive collection of clothes «Acedora» subdued everyone.

— Have you noticed, that all the heroines on her works are alike Inga herself only externally: by plastics, flexibility, eyes one of the visitors of the exhibition whispered me, closely peering in the gentle play of paints.

And really, the loving «andromeda» from the triptych, and the blossoming «Flora», and the graceful girl from the picture «awakening» amazingly reminded fragile blue — eyed young Inga.

The parents brought Inga from Ural to Blagoveschensk, when she was five. She doesn’t remember when she started drawing. Her father Youriy Grigorievich had dreamed whenever to become an artist, he didn’t leave the hobby of his youth and took out his daughter for an open-air, encouraging her hobby of painting. That’s why Inga’s further way was predetermined: the Blagoveschensk children’s art school, BPS No.2, the Vladivostok art school, study at ASU, the Design Department. At first she was engaged in watercolor and oil, then she saw how batik is made in the private school and simply became crazy about this technique, batik is silk painting. This light and gentle painting comes from Indonesia.

In 1997 Inga learnt about one Russian artist Roman Tyrtov (Erte), saw his reproductions and was so shocked, that she herself became engaged in this kind of fine arts. She searched for brochures, where the technology of batik production was described, studied it and got experience. In the course of time she created the whole collection «Devoted to Erte».

— «It’s more difficult,» — Inga speaks, — to work with batik than with watercolor and canvas. I mean — technically. Paints blur and there are some more difficulties». But Inga is keen on batik passionately. «Even it I have no inspiration, I go on working. That’s pleasure for me. Sometimes at first I draw a sketch; sometimes it goes as it is. The image born during the process and varies, as if it is alive. And silk itself changes, creating life sensation, its gentle trembling. Also it is possible to paint fabric with batik and to sew magic clothes…»

It’s difficult to say for the artist how image is born. Inga usually doesn’t explain the history of occurrence of her works. How is inspiration born? Some melody sounded, a stranger smiled, some book struck.

A small number of the works was presented at the exhibition — only 15 pictures, the latest ones, so they are the most favourite. Lots of her works are in private collection of Russian and Germany. And, of course, lots of wonderful, gentle cloths have not been yet created, because Inga is so young.

Svetlana Borzunova