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Thank, Inga, for a wonderful site — so for you it is glad, it is wonderful also you — a beauty.
It was pleasant for me to receive your prospectuses in Antwerp, they have come on the Exhibition of my collection of Russian historical suit. See also my quivering attitude to Erte with which I was closely acquainted in Paris, has not passed for nothing — you have grown fond of his works and try to continue this splendid style. Thank you.
Alexandre Vassiliev,
theatrical artist and
historian of a style.

Your hands and heart have a great power, which always excites, when one touches your creativity. Thanks have creative successes and fortune!
Chairman of the Amur organization
of the Union of artists.

Dear Inga Yourievna!
I admire Your unique talent, the highest skills and taste. I wish you creative successes, violence of fantasy, worthy victories!
Chairman of the Amur Administration Committee on Culture,
The honoured artist of RF Mishunin A.

Divingly! Be happy.
Yours faithfully, L.K. Levchenko,
art saloon of the Amur Fair.

Dear Inga!
The main advantage of Your works is that they make our world more beautiful, make people better.
Chairman of the Amur regional court Semenov,
Chairman of Council of judges of the Amur region Bushmanov.

You are as perfect, as your creativity is. Accept sincere congratulations on your success!
Yours faithfully,
Chief of UFPS Kryukov E. S.,
Financial director UFPS Simonenko N.

Tremendous! You have cheered us up forever. Depth of your eyes, warmth of your hands... Miracle!
Irina F., newspaper «MK» on Amur»

Very good impression! A talented artist. Warmth and kindness of the soul fill the pictures. They are for heart, but not for mind. Wonderful! Great Talent!
Teachers of BSPU
N.A. Shindyalov and I.P. Shindyalova.

«There's no limit to human fantasy», — we say, having visited the wonderful exhibition. If to express our attitude towards all the seen by one word, this word is «Miracle». Have a long creative way of a artist, recognitions, glories. She deserves that.
Kozhevnikova Elena Nikolaevna, teacher.

Inga — good of you!
I continue admiring Your flashing talent! An amazing combination of paints, inexhaustible imagination in transferring an image of the woman and an eternal topic of love. I wish her new creative, successes, and more new exhibitions. Be happy!
Yours faithfully, Prof. L.A.

I can hardly find words to express admiration. It is the gift, given to the artist by God and what our town can be proud of and pleased with. It's one better message for all of us.
Anakhanov, veteran, old art amateur.

My lovely, dear girl! I'm very glad for your success, thanks, that I have you, that you are such a talented, hard-working, kind pretty daughter! Be always yourself, as you are! go forward, do not stop on the achieved things, because you can do much more. All of us love you very much. We thank everyone, who helps you and is always with you!
Kiss you. Your mum.

My dear daughter.
I have a habit to hide pleasure for your success. I'm afraid to frighten off the feelings of pleasure and pride of you. I know that it's only the beginning of your creative success. You have a special, different «handwriting — keep it for ever!». «I pray for the fine and supreme», as I want you to go on. Let it be as in Blok's poems «And an eternal fight, we only dream of rest». I thank with an open heart your friend and sponsor.
Your daddy.

Ingulya! My girl! Never stop! Create, write and give pleasure to people. You are a historic figure; give up to the end your talent, given by God! Tell people everything, and they will become kinder and better. I love you.
Yours forever, Andrey.

Mum, good of you! I love you vary much! I wish you the best! Have success in everything! Be always happy! Have a success in difficulties.
Your daughter Sasha.


Inga Titova

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