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09.03.2007 Within the framework of the art exhibition «Draw the women», which opening was held on March 6, 2007 in Amur regional museum (. Blagoveshchensk), artist Inga Titova has presented on this opening day some works executed in engineering batik. The exhibition «Draw the women» to be prolonged till April 14, 2007. We invite all wishing. Before meeting!
24.12.2003 «The Secret Charming of the Ancient» till such title the fair-exhibition in an Exhibition hall of has opened Blagoveshchensks, which to be prolonged till December 28 2003. On this exhibition it is possible to see all variety that refers to as as national creativity. The artist Inga Titova represents here new works «The Sunday» and «The Snow Maiden» in section «Batik». Also invites all friends to visit this exhibition. Before meeting!
14.10.2003 In frameworks IX of the zonal art exhibition «Far East», which opening is held in one Khabarovsk of October 16, 2003 at 16 hours per Art Gallery named after A.Fedotov (47, Karl Marx str.), the art will be presented by the artists from Kamchatka up to the south Primorie, from Zabaikalye up to east outlying of Sakhalin.
Artist Inga Titova represents on this exhibition one of the works executed in engineering batik and invites all friends to visit this exhibition «Far East». Before meeting!
17.09.2003 On the past exhibition of the Amur artists devoted to 145 anniversary of formation of capital of the Amur region, two new works were presented. «Lullaby» in section «Batik» and «Sasha» in section of «Drawing».
09.02.2003 Three new works Inga opens a new season. «Solar string» and a scarf «Happy birthday» in section «Batik» and an evening dress with a scarf «New Year's» in section «Design».
04.09.2002 Sincerely I thank all adherents, friends and partners who took part in creation of this site. Separate thank to Leonid Balanev (web-design studio «Vendoom», Blagoveschensk), to Vladimir Goroshko (designer, Moscow) and to Andrey Ogleznev (photographer, Blagoveschensk). I express gratitude to all visitors of this remarkable site, with a wish of light, goods and happiness, and certainly the further meetings.
22.03.2002 From May, 22 till May, 25, 2002 within the framework of XXV International Amur exhibition-Fair Inga Titova presented the collection of batik «The First Dates». Inga received lots of warm responses and was awarded with diplomas and the letter of thanks from the Amur Administration Committee on Culture.
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